Scott was born near Milton Keynes, England. He studied at Kingston University and now lives in St Leonard on Sea, working in a group studio. Scott has been represented by Heart since 2001.

The sharply drawn and witty artworks created by Scott, have allowed him to be many things. He is an award winning illustrator of children’s books, including the Silly Book of Side-Splitting Stuff series, and nine books in the ‘Here’s Hank’ series written by Henry Winkler. He has had his own regular column in The Independent ‘Scott Garrett’s Parallel Universe’. He has created character designs for Aardman and animations for KFC, advertising campaigns for Vodafone, Nestlé and the Scottish Tourist Board. All this on top of a regular editorial outpouring for niche titles such as Aircraft Interiors magazine to news stand heavy hitters such as The New Yorker.

His penchant for creating artworks ad infinitum is crying out for another opportunity for serialisation. Current collections of drawn observations include ‘Wish List’, ‘We’re All Guilty of Something’ and ‘School Run Dads’. ‘Wish List’ has also been created as an animation and shown on Channel 4’s Random Acts, winning numerous animation festival awards. The poignancy with which Scott handles his characters’ hopes, dreams and confessions are beautifully conceived if not, by Scott’s own admission, a little dark. Whether human or animal, Scott’s characters are so believable, it’s often easy to forget these are works of fiction.

Scott has a weakness for collections, his house is one big holding facility for everything he likes (and he likes on mass). Collections of amateur oil paintings, framed tapestries, charity collection boxes and clay objects to name a few. A recent addition to his creative repertoire has been to discover a love of pottery. This has manifested itself in particular with the English Slipware tradition, and a penchant for old functional country pots dating back to medieval times as well as the ‘face jugs’ of The American south folk tradition. Scott’s illustrative skills, creative ideas and a love of pure drawing have made sgraffito slipware the perfect place to start creating his own pieces. The sgraffito, technique involves drawing through a thin coating of white clay to reveal the terracotta clay body beneath. Pottery has provided the ideal outlet for a man always looking for new ways and surfaces to bring his limitless cast of characters to life.

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Barclaycard, Bloomsbury, BP, GQ, The Guardian, Entertainment Weekly, Faber & Faber, KFC, Klutz Books, The Los Angeles Times, Nestlé, The New Yorker, Nickelodeon, Penguin Books, Orion Books, Oxford University Press, People Magazine, Quirk Books, The Scottish Tourist Board, Vodafone, Virgin Money, VW, Walker Books